Welcome to Turtle Chat Rooms!

Are you missing the good old classic Chat Rooms like MSN, Facebook or even the Yahoo Chat Rooms?
Are you tired of endless searching for Chat Rooms to find they're full of spammers and auto Chat bots?
Here at Turtle Chat Rooms we aim to provide a unique real time live Chat Room experience with real people.
It does not matter if you are looking to talk with boys, girls or even strangers we at Turtle Chat Rooms will be your best choice for Free Local Chat Rooms for people of all ages and genders.
We provide local and regional Chat Rooms to suit everyone's needs, it does not matter if you're 40+ single and ready to mingle or just want a random chat to let off some steam.

Our Chat Rooms will always be free for everyone to use, We will never require you to register to use our services, We are fully mobile friendly so it doesn't matter if you're sat at home under the duvet watching the soaps or out and about doing your weekly shopping. You will always be able to connect to our Free Chat Rooms!

Chatting Now

General Chat

Hi Everyone!
Here is the General Chat Room otherwise known as the Lobby.
A room for anything and everyone. This is the room to meet anyone from around the globe.

UK Chat

Hello there, are you looking for someone quintessentially British or a musical beatle to talk to?
Well if you are this is the room for all things British!

Ireland Chat

A room, a home, or a pub. It matters not to the folk from the emerald island that is Ireland, just grab your Guinness, your pudding and relax in a chat room that has been made for some simply pure Irish Banter!

US Chat

What can be said? Great actors and actresses, great musicians, great food, and absolutely amazing landmarks. There isn’t much that can compare to The Land of the Free! This room is for all things American

What our members say!

Turtle Chat is the place to be.. friendly moderators and positive people in chat.. just a place you can sit back and relax and just enjoy good conversation


A very well maintained and friendly place staff are always there and very pleasant and always made to feel welcome a great place to come and chat.


Turtle chat is very friendly, the staff are always polite and happy to help where possible. the chatters are lovely and welcoming to anyone new coming into the room, and they also jump in to resolve any problems or answer any questions regarding Turtlechat. It's a warm friendy place to chat and even though there are rules, we all have a laugh and enjoy each others company, the set out of the chatroom is good and clear and i'm happy to chat here.