About US!

Welcome to Turtle Chat Rooms!

A free and easy to use online chat room serivce for people from all over the UK and USA. We pride ourselves on having no sign-up costs or membership fees for our members.
To access our fun and friendly Chat Rooms all you need to do is decide on a Chat Room name and the world will be at your finger tips.
We currently provide Free UK Chat Rooms for England, Ireland and the USA
Should you not be from them regions you are more than welcome to join us in our General Chat Room where you will be sure to find someone with common interests to yourself.

Free UK Chat Rooms - The Vision

We would love for Turtle Chat Rooms to become a leading provider of Free UK Chat Rooms that is clean and safe, A place for everyone and anyone to be able to talk freely without the fear of discrimination, racism or bullying.
We want everyone to have the freedom of speach to talk about what ever it is they choose without the risk of being ridiculed because of their walk of life or where they came from.

In years to come we want to be a social platform where everyone is treated the same and as equals with or without disabilities.

Free UK Chat Rooms - Whats coming next

Now that we are nearing completion of our website our focus is starting to move over to the actual chat room and its functions. We are aware that their is a couple of bugs here and there and will work with the software developers to ensure that we can get these fixed as quickly as possible

We are also working on our Search Engine Optimisation and social media campaigns to increase the flow of traffic we have coming to the website.