General Chat Rooms!

welcome to the General Chat Room of Turtle Chat where nothing is complicated

A place where nothing looks the same through Rose Coloured Glasses.
Love is in the Air at all times if not then you can always Kiss it Better.
Unlike other chat rooms 'A Pub with No Beer' is no place for someone to commune with old or new friends alike.
We Found Love right here in Turtle Chat.
Now that is My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style or could you be looking for some Exoticc Love?

5 Chattng Now

UK Chat

Hello there.
Are you looking for someone quintessentially British or a musical beatle to talk to?
Well if you are this is the room for all things British!

Ireland Chat

A room, a home, or a pub. It matters not to the folk from the emerald island that is Ireland, just grab your Guinness, your pudding and relax in a chat room that has been made for some simply pure Irish Banter!

US Chat

What can be said? Great actors and actresses, great musicians, great food, and absolutely amazing landmarks. There isn’t much that can compare to The Land of the Free! This room is for all things American

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