Ireland Chat Rooms!

Where the River Shannon Flows in the island of emeralds you'll find Danny Boy living in a Fairytale of New York... or possibly Galway Bay, who knows?

Welcome to our Irish Chat Room! No Matter What, Nothing Compares 2 U, the hospitality of the Irish, and your fun loving jolly nature.
When You Say Nothing At All it defeats the object of being here so why not break the ice with a limerick or two?

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General Chat

Hi Everyone!
Here is the General Chat Room otherwise known as the Lobby. A room for anything and everyone. This is the room to meet anyone from around the globe.

UK Chat

Hello there, are you looking for someone quintessentially British or a musical beatle to talk to? Well if you are this is the room for all things British!

US Chat

What can be said? Great actors and actresses, great musicians, great food, and absolutely amazing landmarks. There isn’t much that can compare to The Land of the Free! This room is for all things American

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