UK Chat Rooms!

The long and winding road has brought you here to Turtle Chat Rooms.

Let it be known you are all welcome here.
After a hard day's night why not come and enjoy yourself in our England Chat Rooms.
It'ss be like you've never left downtown.
There is no need to get off of my cloud when you can relax and talk to English, English, Welsh and Scottish folk alike, could this room be your everyday Ruby Tuesday?
Come on over and give yourself a reason to believe!

6 Chatting Now

General Chat

Hi Everyone!
Here is the General Chat Room otherwise known as the Lobby. A room for anything and everyone. This is the room to meet anyone from around the globe.

Ireland Chat

A room, a home, or a pub. It matters not to the folk from the emerald island that is Ireland, just grab your Guiness, your pudding and relax in a chat room that has been made for some simply pure Irish Banter!

US Chat

What can be said? Great actors and actresses, great musicians, great food, and absolutely amazing landmarks. There isn’t much that can compare to The Land of the Free! This room is for all things American

UK Chat Room Tips!

Have you dropped out of our UK Chat Room by mistake and then tried to reconnect to find you cant use the same name as its stuck on the chat room?
Type "/ns regain username" and the server will grant your name back providing you are connecting from the same IP Address