US Chat Rooms!

Here Right Before Your Eyes in the land of the free flies the Star Spangled Banner!
Whether that's Walking in Memphis or gliding Over the Rainbow, the USA Chat Rooms are right here, this room is for anyone Living in America so why not come on over and speak freely, passionately and with pride about your beautiful great country?

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General Chat

Hi Everyone!
Here is the General Chat Room otherwise known as the Lobby. A room for anything and everyone. This is the room to meet anyone from around the globe.

Ireland Chat

A room, a home, or a pub. It matters not to the folk from the emerald island that is Ireland, just grab your Guiness, your pudding and relax in a chat room that has been made for some simply pure Irish Banter!

UK Chat

Hello there, are you looking for someone quintessentially British or a musical beatle to talk to? Well if you are this is the room for all things British!

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